Preparing Breakfast In Less Than 8 Minutes

5 minutes is a little short, 10 minutes is just too long, but 8 minutes is a good time to prepare a breakfast that is not too sweet, not too salty, gourmet, balanced, with a healthy tendency, or not. In short, leaving with a good little something in the stomach in the morning is possible.

Yes, but how?

1 – Prepare part of the breakfast table the day before

It doesn’t make some people dream of going to bed with the next day’s table already ready but it saves us a very precious time at dawn. Especially with children. Once the evening table is cleared and before going about your evening business you can prepare the useful things for the next day.

Yes, the day before, we can already prepare the bowls, the children’s hot chocolate jar, the plates, the glasses. Sometimes I even put the pot (empty!) on the stove with my children’s two cups ready to be dosed the next morning with the rice milk brick. You can also do a quick check of fresh produce – such as fruit – that it would be wise to eat the next day or risk seeing it deteriorate and put it on the table to make sure you think about it.

Even non-perishable products can already take their place: bread, cereal boxes, rusks and flower bread, jam jars if you are a fan. What is precious in the morning is to arrive in your kitchen and be devoid of logistics and only have to fill the plates. This time is precious because we work in this way, we just have to concentrate for a moment on what we want to eat and get down to work on the preparation in… 8 minutes!

2 – Assemble!

Yes, assemble! What does that mean exactly? We start from the empty plate or bowl and assemble the ingredients that will make up our breakfast.

In the Royal Breakfast that I created, it is very easy to compose your breakfast because the ingredients are already ready and you just have to put them on the plate.

Let’s have a salty breakfast: I put down the bread or rusks, add the cheese or smoked salmon (excellent omega 3 in the morning), I add something raw: a cut fruit, a vegetable in sticks (example: cucumber, carrots, cherry tomatoes… as you wish) and I finish with a few seeds or nuts.

For a sweet breakfast: I take a bowl in which I place a cottage cheese or soy yoghurt, add seeds (sesame, pumpkin) and oilseeds (almonds, nuts…) and finish with raw fruit.

The secret: assembling the food when everything is already ready takes a minimum of time.

Usually we plan the meals of the week with the shopping list that goes with it but breakfast is sometimes set aside. The idea is not to make a precise list of what you will eat every morning but to have in mind what you like to eat for breakfast to make sure you always have all the ingredients available. For example, if in the morning you like fruit, tofu, specific cereals, vegetable milks or if you prefer cottage cheese to eggs or if you have identified that you prefer gluten-free, then be sure that everything is in your closet. It will be much easier to anticipate the preparation of breakfast in the morning.

I must admit that on this point it happens to me even the day before to visualize what I will eat the next morning which allows me to get to the point when I wake up.

John Kelly Photography

What’s in your breakfast?

You have many solutions to quickly prepare your breakfast.

You can cut a piece of bread, spread some jam and pour a glass of orange juice from the fridge.

You can pour a pack of “cereals” and cover with milk.

Or choose a simple black coffee….

All this is very convenient, but orange juice, bread, jam and cereals are mainly composed of sugar. And I’m not talking about milk ?

It’s convenient to provide your body with energy for the intense effort it will produce in 30 to 60 minutes, but quickly – after about two hours – it will also cause a feeling of hypoglycemia: your body needs a new dose of sugar urgently, quickly, a little something sweet to hold until the next meal! It’s quite natural and it’s what we call a craving ?
As for coffee or simple fruit, it is not that either that will hold you in your stomach until lunch.

Yes but here you are, you don’t have much time for breakfast or a buffet * at your disposal every morning to start the day ?

Yet it would be so good to have a complete and satisfying breakfast, which you know provides you with a generous ration of minerals, vitamins and other good things!