Making Cleaning At Home Easy

Everything that happens automatically flies underneath the piggy-dog radar. Before you can think “oh, I don’t feel like it right now”, you’ve already done it. So it makes sense to think about a fixed routine for the morning, which you just have to go through all the time. Getting up, taking a shower, having breakfast, brushing your teeth are also routines, so you can also put something like “clearing away lying around”, “airing”, “filling up the soap dispenser” in between. And no, making beds is not an item on my list. Because with all due respect, making beds is aaaah. It may be that you have a first sense of achievement early in the morning and can say happily “my bedroom is so beautiful”, but with all my love, it shakes me at the thought.

I see it like this: people lose an average of 1.5 litres of water per night. As a rule, there are two of us in bed when you discreetly look over the dwarf in the visitor’s crack. So take a nice big bath towel and tip 3 liters of water over it. Of course you also put in a few dead skin flakes, salt, sweat and mites in front of it, it is supposed to be real conditions. Then hang a second towel out of the window for about 10 minutes and place it tightly on the first towel, on the sides and at the bottom. Then put a nice warm bedspread and a nice selection of pillows on it. How much do you look forward to opening this blanket after 14 hours and sleeping on the warm and humid conglomerate between the two towels? I don’t want to offend anyone who has discovered how to make beds, but personally I find it not only useless but also quite disgusting. My bed actually stays the whole day the way I leave it in the morning for airing and it couldn’t be more level with me. First of all, other people don’t have anything to look for in my bedroom anyway, so it doesn’t matter whether it looks like Schöner Wohnen or more like Hempels and secondly, I’m really fond of animals, but definitely not so much that I would actively promote social housing in a humid, warm climate for mites. My bed is my bed and not the California of hungry arachnids just waiting to be warmly covered to reproduce. So: ventilate, ventilate and ventilate again.

Make it easy on yourself

Approaching minimalism or not, I have a vacuum cleaner for above and one for below. I also have a cleaning basket for the top and one for the bottom. Because when I’m brushing my teeth, it’s easy to drive your rag over the sink or mirror for a short time, or vacuum through the bathroom for a short time. But if I have to go to the ground floor to get a rag, vacuum cleaner or other stuff, it won’t happen. The result would be: once a week on the bath cleaning day I would need twice as long to have everything clean again, because toothpaste sticks are after a week simply rather concrete and water stains on the tap only to be removed by whole body use. So the 10 seconds rule applies here as well: just hang on to brush your teeth or shave for another 10 seconds and wipe the sink for a short time, after just one week it doesn’t look like a ruffle and the bath home cleaning day only lasts one bath cleaning half hour.

How do I manage two baths in half an hour? Well, as a rather lazy person I want to have it behind me as soon as possible. The easiest way to do this is to put everything you stand around in a laundry basket, place the basket in the hallway and then clean it in one go without any obstacles. First of all I spray the toilet and shower with cleaner. Because why should I scrub unnecessarily, if cleaner with decalcifier already do the work for me by pure contact time to a large extent. Meanwhile I first clean the rest according to the rule from top to bottom and from left to right. Both for purely pragmatic reasons: everything that falls down from above would make clean surfaces dirty again and I have to do it again. And from left to right, so that I don’t leave anything out or go over it twice. After that I have to take a shower and a toilet and only then I vacuum or wipe if necessary.

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