Foreign Currency Exchange Rate

You don’t have that much time? That doesn’t matter – the travel bank will probably be your saviour in distress! It is a specialist for foreign currency procurement. The Reisebank is usually located at all major German railway stations and airports. Many currencies are available there and can be handed over to you immediately.

However, it is even easier to change money online. You can easily pre-order your travel money in advance in the currency of your choice – no matter where you are.

In Germany, banks can usually access many currencies and make the change easy for you. Even if the exchange rate of the destination currency falls before the start of the journey, the advance money exchange can still pay off for you. Then you will benefit from a lower exchange rate than when exchanging money in the destination country.

In addition, with a little cash in your pocket, you’ll be able to make sure you’re safe. For unforeseen expenses in the destination country that you cannot pay by credit card, only cash is true. You should also keep in mind that you may have to wait a while to find a suitable exchange office.

Disadvantages arise if there is an unfavourable exchange rate compared to the exchange rate in the target country. Then you will pay more or receive less for your money. Also the fees for the exchange can rise rapidly. Even banks, which do not charge any fees for their own customers, often take these into account and cleverly place them in the exchange rate. A comparison can be worthwhile, but is time-consuming. The same applies to the possible waiting period for an exotic foreign currency. Careful planning is the be-all and end-all of money exchange.

Is a change necessary?

You should check in advance whether you need cash in the foreign currency. In destination countries whose tourism industry is strongly influenced by German or other European visitors, there are sufficient possibilities for payment in euros.

You should also remember that supposedly exotic – since far away – targets could even have the euro as a currency! Just think of the Canary Islands, for example, which lie off the coast of Africa, but belong to Spain and therefore have no other currency than the euro.

Another important aspect of money exchange is the legal import conditions. For example, there are sometimes strict guidelines when it comes to importing the national currency. Some countries prohibit it completely and thus make it impossible to change money before your holiday. Others limit the amount to a certain amount, which is usually displayed in US dollars.

Sometimes even the import of cash – in whatever currency – is generally prohibited. Then you should use a credit card that at best allows free withdrawals worldwide.

On holiday

Do you have to change money on holiday due to customs regulations or would you rather do without too much cash in your pocket? In many cases, changing money at your holiday destination is the better alternative. In countries with a weak currency, where exchange rates often change, it is worthwhile to exchange money in the destination country. This includes some Eastern European places. Read more at for more details.

Did you know that some German banks cooperate with local banks and thus offer particularly favourable conditions for money exchange? Here it is worth asking in advance.

Exchange rate

Forward-looking planning also includes monitoring the exchange rate in the target country. If this is done in advance, possible trends can be identified. If the exchange rate and thus the money that you receive for one euro in foreign currency rises, it is worth waiting with the change. If it sinks, you should consider paying bills in advance as you would for accommodation.

If you are not a good planner and rather spontaneous, we can reassure you. As a rule, there is a cheaper exchange rate in the country of destination than in Germany.


Not only when exchanging money in Germany, but also when exchanging money on holiday are fees for the process conceivable. These are proportionally the cheapest in exchange offices. Sometimes you can even be lucky and get the foreign currency without any further surcharge. Here, too, planners benefit: Compare the rates and fees of different exchange offices that may be suitable to get you the cheapest offer.

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