Bakery & Deli
Got Bread?...We Do! And a Whole Lot More

Welcome to the Frankfurt Bakery & Deli

The aroma of wholesome goodness emanating from fresh baked German artisan bread and muffins greets you when you open the door. The early morning light slants through the windows. The owner and employees call you by name. The shelves are lined with more choices than you can imagine. Melt in your mouth cookies in neat rows waiting for you. Sugar sparkles like snow on twists and streusels in their glass cases. Sticky buns covered with pecans and raisins glisten in their translucent icings.

This is the home town bakery you know and love. Come on in and let us bake something for you.

Discounts Available

10% Military

10% Police, Fire and Ambulance in Uniform

Additional Daily 10% Discounts:

Monday:Senior Citizens
Must request at time of checkout
Business Card or ID required
Monday-Friday 6:30am-3:00pm